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fingers - blistered/ peeling

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    Although this is not acne, I have the exact same thing you have. This is called Hand Eczema and is completely common. To this very day I have it and it is difficult to get rid of because eczema is believed to be an allergy to water. Since we have to wash and bath, it is extremely difficult to get rid of.


    Sometimes you will have small red bumps that burst open into a clear liquid when you scratch them. other times your skin will look like a map of white creases and puff up into a red patch of dry skin. once again, this is normal. It's one of the most irritating and intolerable skin problems a person can have. Having eczema on the fingers is equally as bothersome.

    Eczema can appear anywhere, normally on the bends of your arms and behind the knee caps. Kids usually get that all the time at a younger age, but after a while their bodies flush out the bacteria and skin disease causing issues. However, 10 percent of the world population still remands, including you and I.

    There is no cure for eczema, only treatment. If you want to avoid painful hardening and deep cuts and cracking of the skin, I would recommend your doctor first, THEN your dermatologist. Your doctor could recommend an over the counter anti-itch treatment that may, for reasons still unknown, temporarily treat and cure the eczema. I say temporarily because eczema usually comes back and flairs up from time to time (every few months or years or so).

    This problem requires treatment and creams and possibly oral medication, something that isn't always sold off the selves. Please see your doctor and/or dermatologist and they will being prescribing you skin treatments. What might help that they may NOT tell you is to wrap your skin with a loose cloth (like a thin cast) AFTER you apply the treatment. This will lock the moisturizer in and allow your skin to fully replenish. You must air it out every now and then, but you will most likely be wearing gloves when taking a shower or whatever. The only reason i still slightly have it is because I'm a dishwasher and water contact is inevitable.

    Fix this as soon as you can to avoid irritation and the possibility of it getting infected or spreading towards a more advanced/harder to treat phase. Best of luck to you :).

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