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Day 1606

This is what I've been doing it's been a while and a lot of trial and error.

Roaccutane didn't work. BP Didn't work. I've tried it. Wish I never used Roaccutane because it didn't work tried it 2 times and the first time it just came back again. Also Roaccutane makes you tired, dry skin, dry lips, affects your liver and adrenals etc. There is a list of side effects and I got a lot of them.

I found that drinking coffee 5 days and little sleep in a row gave me really bad skin, So I decided to stop trying to rely on Roaccutane and totally changing my diet... With the help of a few naturapaths advice and my own personal research on what foods are good for me. I did this as I was told that Acne on your cheeks are related to liver problems or digestion problems.

I've totally changed my diet and this is what I'm trying. Because I'm so sick of Acne had it too long. I've noticed good results haven't got any pimples for ages until the other day must of ate something bad or the toxins are being released through the cleansing. That's OK, haven't seen a new one since.

I have read articles that suggest you eat foods and possible supplements with Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamins E and C, Selenium, Omega-3 fatty, Water. No dairy.

But I'm doing a bit more. Using a Gentle cleanser + moisturizer etc (dermalogica brand), Eating a better well balanced diet, Multivitamin Swisse F1, greens powder (Vitals Greens), Zinc , Omega 3 oil (From Flaxseeds), Vitamin D3 1x1000ui, Green tea (at least 3 cups a day), Lots of filtered water, Chia seeds (Another Great Source of Omega-3's etc), Pro-bionics inner health plus and now just started using Aloe Vera for red marks and old scars.

No dairy - soymilk only, Wholegrain only (limiting white starches, white flour, white rice) limiting ham/ bacon, bad oily foods, no sugary foods and drinks.

There are a lot of great things I can do naturally wish I knew all this years ago.

Here are a few links I've been reading. If your interested.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Skin


Success Compilation Thread, Links to threads of people who have become clear


Good Things For Acne--Cliff Notes to Clear Skin & Health, Blood sugar, hormones, digestion, inflammation, liver, sleep...


A Clear Connection?

Most dermatologists tell their patients diet plays no role in acne. New research suggests that's wrong.



Tracy Talks about how she cured her acne problem, Looks mainly to do with diet.

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    Wow, you really look great! Congratulations on your clear face! I can't tell from the pics, but do you have any scarring?

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    Wow, you really look great! Congratulations on your clear face! I can't tell from the pics, but do you have any scarring?

    Yes, Have scarring. Acne has never completely gone away. Over this entire time at stages its been good and bad. But I think I'll finally cure it this time I hope. See the comment above for a detailed response on what I've been up to.

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