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Both of these are me with makeup on.

But you can see that my skin hasn't responded at all to topicals or my oral antibiotic. My pores are HUGE and new ones come every single day.

From the album:

2x on Accutane? Not enough for me.

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Hi I'm about to go on my second round of Accutane.

From what I've experienced, (your acne from the photos looks worse than mine ever was, so I'm sorry if this comes across as annoying and uninformed) Accutane has worked for me, so my guess is that my acne stemmed more from the over production of oil and the blockages to sebaceous glands because this is the kind of thing that Accutane deals with and finishes the job with. However, mine came back really gradually and I believe it was because my course of Accutane wasn't long enough.

Your suggestion of abrupt changes to your skin might suggest that your acne stems from something more than simply over production of oil. Perhaps the Accutane suppressed or controlled a hormone, and then when you come off, the hormone doesn't stay controlled. So that could mean it's a hormonal thing even if your acne doesn't seem to get worse and/or better on a monthly cycle. So I might suggest trying to control hormones maybe with the Pill as although it could be embarrassing to get on it, you can take certain Pills that are designed to combat acne too and it can be clarified as an acne treatment. I have to start going on one of them as now I'm over 16. :/

Also there could be some kind of a vitamin deficiency as Accutane is a Vitamin A derivate and so that could be filling the gap of that vitamin while you're on it and then you're left with the deficiency when you come off it. It could potentially be a combination and so the Accutane may be trying to stop over production, but any hormonal imbalances could counteract it.

Oh and as for the make up, try a green concealer, sounds strange but the green covers redness. Just make sure to put a mousse foundation under and cover over with normal concealer and face powder (maybe a tinted bronzer style powder would be good as the green concealer can sometimes give a pale effect and make sure it's only on red/couloured areas) to "set" the make up for the day.

Other things that help my acne are swimming at my pool, in the sea and putting toothpaste on the bigger spots as this "housewife" remedy works and numbing the cystic spots and reducing their size, I think it's something to do with the menthol or fluorine, maybe mint in the toothpaste, so try a mask each day and see how that goes. Also use a scrub when you're in the shower as it gets oils and dirt out of pores that could become blocked and therefore spot causing.

Anyway, I'm no doctor (but I did get an A* in Biology :( ) so I hope what I've said has made sense and has been helpful. And I'm really sorry if it's turns out to be completely unsuitable for your acne. So, er, good luck! xxxx

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