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May 28th (pm)

So I bought all the products I could at The Body Shop.

Saturdays are going to be my exfoliating days

Mondays should be mask. (Just an easier way for me to remember).

The products feel nice and clean. I enjoy the smell.

The exfoliator feels a bit scratchy…I hope it’s going to be ok.

(Confession: I squeezed and picked some blackheads. The pimple that surfaced popped..

Drained is more like it…the one in the middle of my eyes is still there but it drained a bit also.

The pimple on the side of my temple has done nothing and I can feel some pimples on the

Left side of my jaw.

The pimples around my nose/ cheek have also drained.

All of these pimples have surfaced with pus and it either hardens…turns a greenish color or

just …drains. I’m trying hard not to squeeze them any more than the crap wants to come out.

I put the new tea tree oil stuff on them afterwards as well as the night cream. Exfoliator, mask, toner.

I took all my vitamins today and drank lots of liquid. I’ve been drinking soy here and there and eating pure cocoa.

Don’t know if that effects my skin in anyway.

I used a lot of product tonight so I may have really stripped my skin of oils.

I’m going to be really careful not to do that sort of thing. If you can believe it I have zits on my arm!! And chest ïŒ

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