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May 20th,2011

May 20th

Diet: Not eating properly. ie/ sugars in diet.

Today though I had no sugars or bread.


Apple, orange, grapefruit, salmon, brusselsprouts, Salad , eggs, and fruit smoothie.

Drinking lots of water though.

Trying to consume more oil of oregano.


Zinc, magnesium, garlic, apple cider vinegar, chromium, vitamin b12, Vitamin C,

Vitamin A (I have upped the Evening Primrose to 4/day)

Face Cleansing: Oil cleansing method. Using rosehip oil and eucalyptus on acne.

I’m wondering if it’s clogging my pores?

Will start to use light treatment:

Has used it twice

Result: Acne appearing on chin now and small acne on forehead. I’m worried that it’s going to be

Appearing a lot around my nose? Zits are coming and going fast…but they keep coming.

I’m actually getting it on my arms and chest and neck. This is a new one…

My skin is normal…not oily. I wish that the scars were gone. There are bumps still left from where the old have left.

Pus comes out easily from the acne. I’m trying hard not to pick it though.

Should I get a test for my sugar levels? I’m thinking that I will do a colon cleanse?? Candida? Get rid of it?

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