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heres several months ago

this pic is several months ago. please dont give me substandard advice on getting rid of acne from several months ago

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      Hey Greenie,

      That pic was I quote "several months ago" why don't you stop

      being an ass and show some respect. No one wants to hear about

      how shocked you were to see this kid in his bad days.

      P.S: Go fuck a tree

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      I'm sorry you had to get acne like that...get some copperpeptides before it scars more.

      Avoid alcohol and take vitamin C.

      Drink lots of water!

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      PLEASE DONT TAKE ADVICE FROM FUCK WAD BLUE EYED SURFER, HE REALLY LOOKS LIKE HE CARES, BY HIS PHOTOS HE HAS "LOOKATME SYNDROM" AND IS HERE SO LEACH OFF OF PEOPLE. INSTEAD DO YOUR OWN DUE DILEGENCE AND HERE IS MINE: My advice would be to quickly see a dermatoligist and demand to get on accutane ASAS that stuff will be gone pronto, I had same problem. I am now 30 years old and waited till 28 to do it. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Funny thing is both me and my brother hAve same skin. when we were 16 he was 15 we went to 2 diffrent derms in same office. At that point accutane was new. his derm advised it, minewanted to try treating it with tetracyclin and other topical solutions like benzoil and retena a. Guess waht now 15 years later his face is as smooth as a babys ass. meanwhile i put it off for long confident i would solve it with treatment. Accutane and smoothbeam are closest thing to curing it as you can get. Dont waste time do it right the 1st time. When i finally did it i could not believe what a relief after about a month it was. yeah your skin gets dry as hell but man it is worth it. I regrett ever going to my initial derm and wish to tell him he can go to hell, me and my borther look almost like twins our skin is same, it tans the same and everything, only diffrence is his doesnt have scarrs. So do it do accutane and then after like 1 year you can get scar treatment through smoothbeam laser made by candela. Im doing it to get rid of my scars and it is F.d.a regulated for acne, 1st laser to get such a rating to get rid of acne long term.

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      man why dont you listen. read what it says at the top

      "this pic is several months ago. please dont give me substandard advice on getting rid of acne from several months ago"

      acutane is bullshit, and i aint risking anything by taking accutane. lasers. who's got money for lasers eh, send me a couple hundred bills

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      oh man. you're hilarious! i was reading your other posts in your gallery ... couldn't stop laughing. LOL

      and, congratulations with the improvement!

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      man, did i tell someone to fuck a tree in your gallery?

      damn those acne days, i was one unhappy puppy ;)

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      whoa i actually think my acne is a little worse...i have less pimples but bigger ones. either way man i'm not self conscious at al (to an extent) but i would suggest accutane. come on man 6 months of hell for a life of beauty. just take the plunge.

      when i get a camera i'll upload my pics

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      That looks pretty much like mine. :|

      How did you end up clearing it? I'm about to go on Roaccutane, hopefully, even though I always told myself I wouldn't.

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