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Big cyst or a pimple...

Crap. I hate having PMS>>>>>>

I always get big pimples when I'm on the rag... :(

Basically the right side of face is clearing up. But, still I have the stupid remarks and scars....danm...that cyst or whatever is forming on my face it's gross...it's so red. :dance:

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No, I don't plan too. I really don't want to get my hopes on Accutane. I'm doing other treatments. Right now I'm takin Grapefruit Seed Extract. It supposed to clean out the bad bacteria I have in my stomach which leads to acne. So, Wish me luck.

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I don't mean to sound critical, but it seems to me like you have been really struggling with this ordeal. Would you mind telling me why u are avoiding accutane, i mean i know all other methods need to be exhausted first. Maybe a low dose could help u greatly though!

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Why don't you want to go on accutane? Are you afraid of the side effects?

Not everyone gets them. I don't have any, not even the dry skin one..

Noone guarantees that you will get side effects.

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She doesn't want to people. She feels the method she is taking now will work. And it is, because she's clearing! :(

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:( Yes Liv

there could be issues preventing her from using accutane that you may not know about. If she says she doesnt want to go on the tane, then dont hassle her.

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You say that because you are the same GIM =P I remember how strongly you reject the idea of accutane.

But hey.. you are clearing up!

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Yes a derm is your best bet. You'll have no worries them. They can inject cortizone and drain a few of the larger ones. GO for it.

Don't be afraid of accutane.

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:D It's not the bacteria in our stomach that's causing it, but the ones on our skin! I mean, think about it, they are two very different sites - one internal the other external - and both sites have completely different physical and chemical environments. In other words, they'll have their own unique groups of bacteria.

Anyways, this isn't meant to be me sounding clever or me being critical. I followed your progress, and you're one of the really inspiring peeps on here, so I wish you all the best Claud - nice name btw :D

Stay strong & keep your head up darling :naughty:

Easier said than done, but it hurts to see you sad :D

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