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3/26/2011 Proof?

Argh!!! Stupid mistake! I was doing great, preparing my own foods from home, and, if eating out, being especially vigilant about getting dishes without any of the foods I react to. Then I decided I really wanted some damn sesame chicken last night and a stupid house salad (albeit, without tomatoes, but with a very flavorful, spicy sauce). Right after, I had explosive intestinal problems for hours. And then the next morning, I woke up with a new welt on my face, as pictured to the left. Keep in mind, my face has been super clear for over 10 days!

Now, I can't sit her and claim that I'm 100% sure the sesame chicken caused the welt. However, I know it caused the intestinal issues (I still have them into the next day). I believe there is a profound connection between my digestion of certain foods and my acne. The problem with sauces is that you don't know what the hell is in them. Funny thing is, I asked the waitor if the dish had any peppers in it (a nightshade, foods I have been actively avoiding). He asked the chef, and the verdict was no! I had a gut feeling that the sauce had some pepper, but I trusted their word. I am almost positive there was chili pepper sauce in it. I am outraged. Even as I write this now, my stomach is doing somersaults and making these God-awful sounds!

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