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3/13/2011 Front

Front is usually the more optimistic view, and I guess it's okay. eusa_wall.gif

But here's some updates:

1) Still on BC... not sure if that is doing anything to tell you the truth, but I have been on BC for less than 2 months, so it's still a little early to tell.

2) I found out I am highly sensitive to tomatoes, avocados, grapefruit, and pumpkin. I am also moderately sensitive to egg whites, cola, green beans, kombu seaweed, and safflower oil.

3) I started taking a liquid probiotic yesterday and will continue to.

4) I will start taking a liquid Zn-Mg-Ca supplement sometime next week.

I am hoping that eliminating the foods I have strong and moderate reactions to will decrease inflammation and help repair my digestive system and my immune system. I have always had issues with digestion, which is the reason I have to take liquid vitamins, since the tablets get stuck in my throat and cause terrible acid reflux. In general, I do have frequent heartburn and nausea. Anyway, that is my update for the week. Trying to stay optimistic in the process! whistling.gif

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Face the Facts

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