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week 2

Used the rest of the 4% benzoyl peroxide. I'm not using one and a half knuckles of BP and I'm continuing to use a full finger of moisturiser.

My face is still slightly itchy and stingy, and it still feels oily, but it no longer feels as dry. My face also still stings when using the moisturiser, but this quickly fades as the day goes on.

Moderate peeling of my neck toward the end of the week. Neck is very red in relation to the rest of my face, which is still quite blushed. Concerning, but I will see how my skin looks in a week's time.

Broke out with another two pimples, but I suspect they'll go down as quickly as the last two.

Switched to the Gillette Sensor Excel this week. A very comfortable razor, but I am not beaming about using the cleansing bar as shaving foam because I can't seem to produce a very rich lather unless I rub the bar lightly on my face. I am not sure if I should be doing this.

It doesn't take several minutes to apply the BP or moisturiser, which leads me to believe I'm not being gentle enough. Then again, time may simply be flying by without me noticing.

Red marks are still present from previous acne, which is to be expected. Eyes sting slightly and headaches seem to come and go, but I don't know if these are related to my regimen.

Come next week, I will be switching to an over-the-counter 2.5% gel-based BP. I will also be using a second knuckle of the BP.

And before you ask, no, that's not acne on my chest. Those are razor bumps, as I shave my body for personal reasons.

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