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Hi :()

Dont be sad for your scars, You are very beautifull young woman. I´am about in the same age like you and have the same scars like you have. But I wish you all the best :D)

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Compared to my face... you are flawless. Your scars are only noticeable on bad lighting conditions... my scars even on the best lighting condition still looks like a grenade exploded in front of my face.

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Hi there, glad to see you are quite positive towards acne scars. hope fraxel:repair will do some wonders on them. wish you all the best though.

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You can improve it a little but you will never eliminate those scars with today's technology. You can try Fraxel repair (multiple treatments) and then some fillers) If the scars are bound down, you might try subscision prior to the fraxel repair on the worst scars. Be realistic. You can improve this but you won't eliminate it. The best results I got were from grafting and then fraxel restore. I completely eliminated a few ice pick scars that way but I only had a few to begin with. Use makeup to highlight your best features and draw attention away from your skin.

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Hey your is a little worse then my but i have a circle on my left cheek from use tweezers when i was younger. i recently went through three fillers and that was a waste of money. the first session was amazing and the next two didnt even compared. thinking of doing the resurfacing at this point. when do you think you will go? ive saved about 1500 so thinking of doing it so.

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Hello! Wondering if you might try a dermaroller? I've seen a few ppl mention success with needling for deep scars... Perhaps in conjunction with a tretinoin such as Retin-A or Tazorac. I'm just starting out trying this for my scars..

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Your face looks extremely dry. some cheap and easy ways to improve your skin would be moisturizing facials, and lotion and aloe vera gel. for skin to heal it need lots of moisture. I would stop using any acne products or anything harsh on the skin cause that will strip away the skins natural healing properties. also lots of water and a healthy diet can help your body have the tools to heal and regenerate. to keep your skin organ functioning properly you need a good diet. my guess is you have a bad diet? thats why your skin has healed so poorly..

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