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My nasty scars

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Hi there,

It looks like tetracycline did a pretty good job in getting rid of your acne. I don't see any active pimples. However, your skin is left with a lot of red marks which I don't think tetracycline will be any good for. I'm in the same predicament. I'm applying differin .3 gel 2 times a day and Duac as a spot treatment for any pimples that decide to pop up. I'm also on birth control for acne but I don't know how well that's working. Right now my face is like yours with lots and lots and lots of marks. I have been using the baby brush method for the past 2 weeks and my marks are beginning to fade. You should try it out when your skin has healed a bit more. I wait about a good week to 2 weeks after I stopped having breakouts to begin using the baby brush method. Our skin needs to heal on its own a bit before we start exfoliating. :(

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I forgot to add something! I'm also waiting to start using my dermaroller (1.0 mm) for my pitted and rolling scars. However, I am noticing that exfoliating is helping to smooth them out. I'm going to wait until the end of this month to start rolling. Kind of scared. But I'll be seeing a dermatologist before I start to get all my questions and concerns answered. If you have any pitted, rolling, or box scars then I would look into it! I saw a series of pictures on this site of a guy who started rolling and his scars diminished over a period of 6 months! That's not bad if you have the patience.

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