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I can't see your picture very well because it is small, but your scars look exactly like what my son has. He has this on both cheeks from severe acne & accutane treatment. We only just began to see the scars when the inflammation settled down.

You still look like a handsome young man - no matter those scars. Handsomeness comes from inside too so try to keep a good attitude about yourself & don't let it ruin your life. I know the scars bother my son too, but he has chosen to go about his life & be positive. He has many friends & a gf. I wish many good things for you.

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Hey im dealing with the exact same issue, i am currently trying cocoa butter cream but i just started so im not sure if it works, anyway im gonna save for some laser treatments. Sometime ago i woke up with my girlfriend staring at my cheeks and she then asked me what are those? so trust me i know how you feel

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hi. i just wanted to let you know your scars arent very bad and you look like a handsome guy. im curious about your user name though? acnescarshavedestroy me?first off you arent destroyed if you were i wouldnt even bother talking about your situation cuz id find it hopeless. also do you think shaving makes scars worse?

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