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Suggestions for best treatment?


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severe scarring on cheeks/chin

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Hey, if i were you i would go to a professional such as a dermatologist or an acne doctor. When i was in high school i had terrible acne and because i was too embarassed to go to a dermatologist or an acne clinic i was left with many more acne scars. I finally went to an acne clinic where they gave me treatment and i was given proper acne medication. I was prescribed tazorac which is a type of vitamin A acid. Tazorac really worked for me. At first your acne seems worse because it brings everything to the surface but after a while your skin clears up. Vitamin A causes your skin to peel which can be a good thing. My skin exfoliated and revealed much smoother skin as time went by. Everytime your skin exfoliates collagen is stimulated. Tazorac got rid of my acne and because i use it every night i dont break out as much. It also helped even out my skin. There a medications out there that can help your acne just please go to a dematologist or acne specialist.Being younger is a good thing as you produce much more collagen than older acne sufferers. After using my vitamin a acid cream my skin as time went on transformed. My more superficial scars improved and my over all skin texture improved. It wont get rid of more noticeable scarring but in the future when your acne has cleared up you can look into various acne scar treatments if needed. As i said before you are young so with use of vitamin A cream and time many of your scars will improve. I hope this helps. I tried many home remedies that onle dissapointed me, i really recommend seeing a professional. Do your research and make sure and get a dermatologist or acne clinic that is good. Remember youre not alone there are millions who suffer from acne....im one of them. Just get some help from a professional and give the medication time to work. Also stay healthy, take a good multi vitamin and eat foods rich in vitamins.Also, if youre a smoker you should stop because smoking breaks down collagen and is not good for your skin. I hope everything works out for you.....good luck.

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yours are superficial, once the rednesss will subside the scars will be barely noticeable. Just consult your dermatologist for the right topical medication

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