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Picture 314.jpg

Left side of my nose Dec 31st

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cystic battle

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i found some info at try using some natural stuff too, like apple cider vinegar, epsom salt, and there's some others I can't remember right now, try to research some online. Good luck

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I know the feeling of going out in public, especially at work, and knowing that your skin in not nice like everyone else!! I had five times as many spots than you have on my cheeks and it was terrible! Just keep your hopes up and know that this is a phase in your life and you will pass out of it:)

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I too have been battling severe cystic acne for 3 yrs now. Saying it sucks is an understatement. Fortunately ive been clearing up on my own (surprisingly) by not putting so much crap on my face. I use St Ives green tea scrub day and night and moisturize with cetaphil's atopic skin moisturizer. kinda interested in Lerosett. you can google it if you dont know what it is.

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Chin up man! That's nothing... if you see my face its like a cystic acne with a man's face. I can't even post my pics coz of embarassment. Hope you clear up soon.

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I agree that you should try and not use too much strong and toxic crap all over your face, im 24 and have used it all and it will only damage your skin longterm. I have had cystic acne across both cheeks and it just doesnt stop coming up... once one is dying another pops up 10x the size next to it and it goes on! A few things I would suggest that has really helped me...

Replace all your cleansers & moisturisers with natural and organic ones nothing with parabens(I can personally recommend Kimberly Sayers line, google it)moisturise! your skin shouldnt be dried out

tone your face morning and night with Apple cider vinegar (mix with 50%water) which restores the Ph balance on the surface, also drink it ( a tablespoon in hot water with honey) cleans your system

And sort out your diet, i thought i had a really good diet... but since i started eating tons more fruit and vegetables and as little meat, dairy and caffiene(i still have some but minimal) Ive really noticed a change.

I really dont think putting harsh chemicals is the way, the effects never last and in my case I feel its left me with extremely sensitive and tired looking skin! I only wish someone had told me sooner!

Good luck!

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