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you youngins should consider yourself lucky you didnt have to go through what I did :(:angel:

i think this is the best ive looked in over half a year. i dont mind the pits, redness is a killer

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There's this product by a company called Peter Thomas Roth and it's called the Oxygen detoxifying mask. I have used it for about a month and a half and it has helped with my post acne redness A LOT. It's 50 bucks a pop, but you get A LOt of the product and it will last you quite a while. Just go to Sephora.com and you'll see it. I wish you the best of luck and your skin has made some MAJOR improvements!

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j/k.. I read your earlier comments and know you refuse accutane.

My skin is somewhat similar, tons and tons of redmarks. Let me know if you find a solution to this problem!

Great improvement btw :angel::dance::(

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You look pretty good. I know it takes a long time to get results specially when you had severe acne. As for myself. It's takin too long to see my real skin. I use the BP without moisturizing wich me it left me with dead skin build up. That was a no no. But, now it's getting better. I just need a few more months to see results. You look really good. I think the red marks are no big deal.

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You have improved very well. But I notice you have facial hair all over. If Im not wrong, facial hair will irritate your skin more and produce more oil than if you were shaved. It may help a bit if you shave - Afterall it is part of the Regimen.

About the redness, I myself am fighting a new battle with redness - It comes with Benzoyl Peroxide medication mainly. With my experience with acne, redness will be reduced if you use a more gentle facial wash. Eversince I changed to Neutrogena Acne Facial Wash the redness disappeared dramatically. However being red isn't too rare in my country (Tropical country) so I didn't really care.

If I were you I'd be more worried about pits than redness, because redness will go away in time (After a certain age) but the scars will remain for years. Its much worse if you have scarring pimples next to one another and when they disappear they leave one big pit (What I have - An Indent in my skin). So watch out for those and prevent yourself from taking too much action against those particular cyst like pimples.

However when looking at your condition, I'd say in those 5 months there has been a large improvement. You're doing very well and if luck goes your way - Your skin should be spotless and pitless and redless. :( Good luck with your skin.

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Hey mojo,

Last time i got rid of my acne before now i done some glycolic peels and microdermabrasion, 6 in total [they would micro my face then slap on the 40 percent peel 5 minutes after].

I'm not gonna exagerate but it did significantly lower my redness [about 50 percent if i were to put a figure on it]. I notice your asian [yes i am rather intelligent] and i hear asians have a higher risk of developing side affects after peels [hyper/hypo pigmentation] however alot of people here seem to have great results no matter what skin colour they are.

I recomend a course of obaji peels. These are specailly put together for people of backrounds that have a higher risk of aditional scaring with peels. They are inbetween the strength of a glycolic and a TCA so they are rather effective.

Once you finally get Roacutane and clear the acne we can work on the redness. Take care.

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it sort of cleared fastest when i went out without make up, went to parties without worrying and lots of swimming :angel: stress= acne i suppose. dan regimen helped too :(

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hey, man! looking good, there. our faces look very similiar - it's comforting to know i'm not paranoid when i see people's "two zit" galleries and fall into depressed mode. you're truly a brave soul for putting yourself out there like that. thanks!

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