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Acne AFTER regimen (pic 1)

Clear, Clear, oh and did I already say Clear!

Dan's system is the real deal. I will be using this system forever until my acne finally goes away on its own.

From the album:

Proof acne.org Regimen Works :-)

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Wow, your improvement and story is a true inspiration. Looking at your 'after' photos I would never guess you had previously had acne.

You are right about the way it affects confidence, I am just glad I'm finding the Regimen is working for me. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my photo diary and tips for keeping to it religiously.

Have you got any tips for dry, flaky skin as a result of the Regimen? Does dryness reduce after a while?

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My skin was only dry and flaky for the first couple of weeks. We are all different but now I have to battle oily skin. When my skin used to be extra dry I would carry around lotion and apply it every few hours. In my experience, moisturizing religiously is the only way to get rid of dryness. Some people say they have dry/flaky skin months after starting the regimen. This was not the case for me.

Also, when my skin got REALLY dry I simply would not put the BP on that day. Obviously this is bad b/c your acne might come back if you don't use the BP enough but everything in life is a tradeoff. All in all I'd say stick with the regimen and carry around lotion. Your skin will adapt to the BP and the dryness and flakiness will go away with time.

Best of luck.

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Wow, your skin looks amazing! Did you use Dans products or did you use off the counter stuff? If so, what did you use?

I only used Dan's products. I just followed the 3 step regimen and it worked for me. I've tried soooo many other products over the last 4-5 years. Dan's is the ONLY product that worked. I know Dan mentions you can mix and match other over the counter products with his regimen but first I would stick to his regimen for a solid 4-6 months and see if you see any improvements. When I stop the regimen my face breaks back out so even though i've been using Dan's regimen forever I still need to follow the steps and not get lazy. Be gentle when you apply all 3 steps. Apply as close to 12 hours apart as you can. And be liberal with the BP.

I eat like crap and am just blessed with a fast metabolism. I don't really believe food has too much to do with acne but everyone is different so some people might break out from certain foods. I drink sodas everyday and eat mcdonalds like 3 times a day haha. So I wouldnt' go too crazy trying to plan any sort of acne diet. One thing I am conscious about is using clean and NICE pillow cases. Nothing touches your face more than your pillow case so make sure it is CLEAN and try to buy some smooth skin sensitive pillow cases (can be found at wal-mart). I change them twice a week. Also, I change my face towel twice a week. If you really want to eliminate variables that may be causing your acne you can flip your pillow over every night and then replace the pillow case every 2 days. Then you can replace the face towel every 2 days as well. Most people notice they break out on the side of the face that they sleep on....that's because of dirty pillow cases!

Dan's regimen + clean pillow cases + clean face towels + drinking a decent amount of water + a good attitude = no acne

Good luck to everyone. We are all different so find what works for YOU. That is the key.

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