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Week 1.5

Ok, I just took some more pictures, and this is more accurate of my skin on a regular basis. I guess my skin was just extra irrated in the week 1 picture.

When I decided to start the acne.org regimen, I first placed an order with Dan for his cleanser and benzoyl peroxide. Then, I went to go find some bp to use until I got my order in. All they had at the store I went to (a smaller one) was some 10% bp cream. I decided that I would use that until my order came. I think that is part of the reason why I'm not experiencing the irritation and peeling that many complain of. I also was already using a moisturizer by Earth Science that I found at Whole Foods a while ago and LOVE. I have a picture off to the side. I use the spf version of it during the day but it isn't as moisturizing. It does have fragrance so it stings a little after bp use, but it isn't that bad for me.

I also bought some NOW brand Jojoba oil at Whole Foods a couple of days ago. Before using jojoba oil, my skin was drying out (That says a lot since my skin is usually oily). I had to reapply my moisturizer because I can't stand my face feeling dry and tight. But now I use a light layer of jojoba oil before a use the bp and my face doesn't get dry at all. And it seems to be helping with the oiliness too!

After a couple of days use my skin feels baby smooth. It feels so nice, but it still looks horrible. I got two new pimples on my chin. JOY! (Feel the sarcasm?) I still have too many zits to count, but hopefully in a month or two they will be countable..

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