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22 Sept 2010 after stopping depo injection 8 weeks ago, &

Starting antidepressants my skin got abit worse, then after coming of depo injection my skin got alot worse - I started getting neck acne & my chest acne got worse too. Now my neck has nearly cleared & chest is more back to how it used to be (mild acne) but as you can see my face is quite bad. This has actually improved alot since using AHA lotion as skin texture is better & less blackheads - but still getting whiteheads & red spots.......any advice?.... I dont want to go on the pill.

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    My skin after roaccutane & now

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    Looks like me and you are in the same boat skin wise. My skin looks alot like mine does. I was put on accutane 4 years ago and it worked like a charm. Only a few minor side effects, nothing serious. Now today, 4 years late my skin is acne filled again. I dont have insurance, but would give anything to go back on accutane. Do it if you can.

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    im on minocycline rite now im 6 weeks in so ive still got 6 weeks to go before i can say if its working or not, but if it doesnt then ill take roaccutane coz this crap depresses me too

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