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after using klear action for 6 months, my acne got worse aga

it doesnt look too bad here but that cause my camera's contrast washes out my skin in pictures. i look horrible. like my piercings though? lol

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A BP wash and toner could really help, it's not that bad. Maybe try the Stridex Pads, I hear they really work. I'm buying them this Friday.

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I've seen some galleries with that type of acne, getting cleared up by the regime of this site. hOpefully, it will work out for you, give it a try.

It doesn't look like a type of acne hard to get rid of, just scattered spots.

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LORDY! u have mild acne and really great eyes, i didn't even notice your acne because of ur eyes. Ur pretty cute btw :(

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I guess I would be more concerned about the barbell through my nose, the studs near my lips, and the half-inch holes in my ears rather than a few pimples....But maybe that's just me. :(

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:( u have the most beautiful eyes!.....did u say something about pimples. cuz after looking at ur pic i was only forcused on ur eyes. good luck but i would worrie to much cuz ur still hot!
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Ok I didn't notice the acne at a first glance , all I noticed were ur piercings. By the way, your acne looks very treatable.

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Am I the only one who does!

And your acne will be treatable. Even if you tried Roaccutane then it will do it some good and after you finish the course it will look like you didnt even have acne. Well whatever happens, good luck

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