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i never use to have bad skin. my skin was always clear.

i started brekaing out very little around a year and a half ago. a little bit after softmore year of highschool started.

after it just continued to get worse i was just using soap and stuff with 10% benzoyl peroxide in it.

it got really bad about a year ago,so i went on proactiv. i dont remeber if the proactiv helped clear my acne, but it made my skin completely dry so i stopped using it.

a couple weeks after i stopped using proactiv, my mom took me to the dermatologist and he prescribed me antibiotics, retin-a, and clindamycin. I took the pills and used the retin a for about 5-6 months but i didnt like the other stuff cause it made my skin look greasy so i stopped using it.

after the 5th or 6th month when i stopped using it, i started using klear action, which is supposedly exactly like proactiv, jsut half the price. i actually liked what it did for my skin. i felt so good about my skin for months and it started getting alot better.

and about a month or so ago i started brekaing out really bad. i never used to break out this bad on my forehead and NEVER on my cheeks like this. so i got off klear actiona dn stoped using dove soap.

i now use nuetrogena deep clean as a cleanser and i am now back on proactiv as of last week.

my skin isnt dry at all..which is good. and i feel the texture of my skin feels better, but i started brekaing out even more withen the past week.

someone i know who had bad skin that reminded me of mine (really bad on forehead and cheeks) told me that she started using klaron in the morning and benzaclin at night. she is so clear and you cannot tell she used to have acne. and she said she also tried everything..so im hoping this stuff works for me.

my mom called the dermatologist today and hopefully ill get an appointment soon so i can ask about the klaron and benzaclin.

i never wanna go out anymore cause of my skin. it makes me feel the shittiest ive ever felt in my life.

so im gonna say soem prayers and be optimistic about my skin. hopefully it clears up soon...i dont want to spend my whole summer not wanting to go out cause i have bad acne.

wish me luck!

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hey hun. just hang in there. u have got to b positive. i feel so crap 2 when i break out,i came to a point where i didnt want to live nemore. i used to think that all people were staring at was my spots, but there not because they see beyond that. y dont u look at the vietnamese guy whose acne was really bad and wat he did to get rid of it. trus e, his was worse than urs.

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hey sweetie. Dont be sad really i know how you feel. Trust me the dermatologist has done nothing for me 2, maybe you should think about accutane. Stay strong

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BP does not work for me. I had the same experience as you did from Proactiv. My skin got really dry. So I stopped. I think it's better when you don't use T0O much on your skin. I'm using Azelex & Purpose Gentle Cleanser. I use Clearasil Ultra Scar Care Exfoliating Face Wash with salicylic acid sporadically. It helps with my redness. I've seen a huge improvement. I don't wear any makeup. Well other than eyeliner and stuff. It's helped. Plus, I'm on B5. Which was working well during the school year. Which is a miracle because that's usually when I break out the most. I stopped taking it though. The powder was nasty. So I'm on the pills.

I've heard Klaron is really good. Benzaclin too. I'm allergic to Clindamycin though. That's what it has. BP & Clindamycin.

Anyway. Good luck with everything.

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