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my scars update, 30 June 2010

okay i haven't updated this for a long time, i'll be honest here and say ive just been posting very over flattering photos in my other album for quite awhile, mainly ones that dont really show my scars to be there much, depending to lighting and such, and this has lead to me getting pm's almost daily asking me what ive done to fix my scars... these were taken tonight with my rubbish webcam, just to point out to you all that they are all very much there and haven't gone anywhere... so yes ive gone from flattering photos to unflattering ones, but heck they show more of the truth really and how ugly my scars are. and im having a minor break out on my chin to boot, joys.

click on the image to make it bigger and easier to view..

    From the album:

    Adam's Nasty Scars

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    hey there Adam,

    you've been here a while, I know, because I've browsed these forums for a long time myself, I wanted to ask if you've ever attempted any scar treatments?

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    i gave needling a shot a very long time ago, im looking to start stepping up trying to improve them now though, doubt theres a great deal that will really get the results i want though.

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    Hi Adam.

    Please believe me that I'm honest when I say that I don't find your scars are awful looking. I see people with acne scars like yours all the time IRL and I'm never shocked by them or anything.

    You just look very normal to me.

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    Adam, how long were you needling for? and how often? and with what length needles? did you use a dermaroller?

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    i really cant remember like how often i did it, it was a few years ago now, i did it for a good 8 months or so though, give or take. I didnt use a dermaroller, when i was doing it, these things were not advertised or really talked about on the forums soo i was using surgical needles instead, which was very hit and miss with how deep i went.. soo i really want to look into using a dermaroller now, but im not sure how effective that would really be with my deep scaring.

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    Hi man. You see the third photo? Where its something like a tear was flowing, then it froze and was imprinted in the skin? I have something like that too (aside from everything else). On a bad day, when my eyes are swollen it gets overhyped, sort of, because it marks the border between eye area and cheeks. I was reading what others said here about chicks loving scars, seeing and being remembered in scar gallery about Lawrence Fishbourne... I wish GODSPEED to You, and Me ;p

    I (or i think) know you want to post most shocking scar photos ever, but the quota of compassion is not infinite. Nothing is infinite- being high on alchohol, being sad, being hungry. I just came myself from emotional wreck, but nothing can last forever, rather, it goes in cycles.

    "You can`t help a human. You can only serve. Only human can help himself." -chinese proverb.

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    Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY


    hi adam, i dunno u, but somhow linkclicked to here and saw ur picks and how u are frustrated with all that stuff u have there n so and want to tell u that i really send u lots of respects for just being so brave and post your photos in true lightning, that really must take some guts :D and u know im not gonna flatter here, they scars, do not look too good, yes, but not like omfg terrible either, and at least u are fine looking as face features, u know, so in overall picture its not all that bad u know :D but ofcourse I really wish for u to get rid of those scars no matter what, because i know (or at least can image) how u feel and how important that is for u, u cant just accept it just like that and go on like its nothing right? if so thats the way to go dude, there must be a way out from all that, there just got to be! if not yet available, maybe they will invent it tomorrow! (jeez i sound so untypically positive lol but yea)

    can i ask u, have u done any adjustments to your diet ever? and have u tried applying honey and massaging them with raw oils?

    anyhow, hang on there, dude, u beat acne u just must beat this too! :D

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