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Thank you

This is me right now. I have been using azelaic acid for 3 days. And retin a micro .04% at night for about 2-3 weeks, I do not know the exact amount of time. The lighting is very good so you cannot see any red marks, unless you examine really closely. I have quite a lot of milia and red marks on my forehead but here you may see like 1 mark. It's all good.

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wow, you have beautiful eyes, are you wearing makeup or is that natural?! great skin too!

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zerofantasy, you dont even have the balls to put up your pic so i wouldn't talk if i were you. :angel: You look great, btw, you have awesome eyes, and any girl would be happy to go out with you

Kepp it up :(

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don't use so much gel, it will amke you breakout less, and you would look better :(

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that picture of you with your hand on your head in your comment box is sexy :(

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No need to make homosexual stab-insults, that's pretty lame...

Skin looks good, I'd lose the make-up, though. I understand the whole goth thing if that's what you're going for, it's fine to be a goth, but it doesn't mean you have to buy into their trends. Yes, goths have trends, I said it. There is no other reason a dude should wear make-up...Unless you're trying to hide red marks, then I'd totally understand, but still, you can tell you're wearing it, which isn't good.

You got good eyes, nice eyelashes you know, girls dig that a lot, they're just like mine, except mine are probably a little longer :( looks like you pluck/wax/whatever your eyebrows too, I wouldn't do that either, makes you look girlish.

I'm not trying to insult you or anything, that's not my style. Just sayin', make-up is a definate no-no for dudes, goth or not :angel:

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I wear powder on my face. And OBVIOUSLY I put powder on to make my red marks look less red. I wouldn't do it just for "fun". And I pluck my eye brows cause I don't want a unibrow and them to be thick. Whatever I do not have to defend what I do because you do not believe in it.

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