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Been trying out the candida cleanse. Supplimenting this way has actually cleared up my food allergies=) I can now eat wheat and dairy again. I'm implementing more new foods again now that I've been on the suppliments for a while and it seems to be going well.

It feels amazing after years of having allergies to everything to just sit down and eat pizza or a chocolate bar if I want one. When I changed from dianette to yasmin birth control my monthly break outs came back, which I get on my cheeks, jawline and chin. But since I've been trying to clear a potential candida overgrowth with diet and suppliements, the monthly breakout last month was only a few tiny white heads =0 no inflamed acne! I was so happy. I urge any women who are on birth control pills for their acne, but still suffer with the monthly breakout, to look into candida cleansing as it could be the root cause for your hormonal imbalance.

I only know how to do douchebag expressions, I don't do normal photos.

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    The big swap over- Dianette to Yasmin 2009

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