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Update 09/06/05 Me & Scar Pics

Hello everyone, yes time for another update.

Im still having trubble getting rid of acne on my chin and neck it just isnt budgin :(..

Good news is that the cysts i had has now compleately vanished :shifty: but did leave a nasty scar in its place... but maybe this will heel abir more still yet.

Heres some shots of some of my scars, its not to bad really :dance:

Tommorow i have a derm vist to go to, which im looking forward too.

all the best


be cool :)

EDIT : earlyer photos where all taken with a webcam, thats why scars dont show so well in them look at the more recent ones

From the album:

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:( ops didnt notice that eveythin has gone all small on the pic. i gess theres a size limit on here.

Hope its still readable ( i can read it just about )


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awesome adam! Still SUCKS you got scars how long did you have it for?

I have had it for 11 years and have scars on the side of my temple and one on my nose

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Guest Guest


Hi I've found that ance on my chin is irritated by toothpaste (it's the flouride) and If I'm careful about it it doesn't get too bad. But I have stuff on my neck and I stillhaven't figured that out. good luck. Keep smiling. :(

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wow adam, i didnt know that you and i had similar skin. mine looks (well when you get that close!) a lot like yours! not a bad thing, but not a greta thing either, but it could be much worse. Mine was actucally but now I'm kinda stagnant. but if you find anything that helps with the overall condition of your face, id liek to know!

but your face is looking better than before so be happy!

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hey have u tryied BP without using moustrizer ?? im using it without using moustrizer coz it peels the skin off and makes scar lighter im on the second week its working really really good u should try it if u want to

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:angel: I like your hair this length. I think you should keep it here. Nevermind what I said on the other picture. It looks good here. I can hardly see your scars. AWESOME! :(
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Adam, your hair looks fucking great in these pictures.. And I agree with the lips thing :angel: ^.

You look fucking hot and all grown up. :(

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You have big lips

Which is a good thing

ya get me?

:shock: :shock: :shock:

laura hahaha :lol2:

Adam, your hair looks fucking great in these pictures.. And I agree with the lips thing :angel: ^.

You look fucking hot and all grown up. :(

Thanks jen this pic is like 6months old now, hope im looking better and older now :dance: ..

Ok you're a total cutie and the acne isn't bad at all, not even distracting.

for serious


thank you :shock: its scars whats the problem now though :shock:

The fourth picture is the best out of your whole gallery because you're smiling a little :shock:

Very attractive :shock:

Hmm i gess i should do more smiling then, it just feels so fake to a camara.

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