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Day 18 (harsher light!)

So this is the same day, but I thought I would get into the bright sunlight to show you guys that I really am not trying to cover up my bumps with makeup. I am so happy my scars are smoothing out already with the Differin. Even though I'm wearing makeup the harsh light has to give some credit to the fact that my skin is actually improving, right?! lol

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My time with Differin...

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Aw, thanks Jaynine! My skin has definitely gotten better after being on Birth control for a few years now, but I still had lots of scarring and uneven texture before using the Differin. It's been about a month and I'm pretty amazed how much better my skin looks already. It's still not perfect (I do have to wear makeup everyday for work and stuff) but if this is what Differin's like after only a month I'm so sticking with it as long as I can! :D

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Wow!! You look really pretty!! I saw your vids on youtube. I'm on week three of using differin. My skin looks like total crap!! I hold hope that differin will work for me, like its working for you.

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Oh wow, that's really sweet of you Sydney Girl! I really hope it works for you too. I'm so surprised I didn't get a bad initial breakout because trust me, I have the worst luck with those sorts of things. Hopefully it doesn't get too much worse and you can stick with it. I have heard some really great success stories about Differin, that's for sure. I wish ya the best of luck..and thanks again for the kind words...you just made my day! And also thanks for checkin out my youtube video's too :D

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omigoodness! your skin looks wonderful! im so happy for you, you look beautiful! You are going to feel awesome when you dont have to wear ANY makeup such as concealer! I can't wait till that happens to me im close!

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