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Day One of Differin Cream...my horrible, horrible scarring

I can't believe I'm actually putting this picture up. It is so embarrassing for me. I rarely let anyone (even family) see me without makeup so this is one of the biggest things I've done in a long time! A couple of the redder spots are somewhat healing pimples. It sucks though because my skin is so pale that the red marks stay for months and even years sometimes! I have even developed pock mark like scars from the deep cysts I used to get on my cheeks. God, I hope this Differin Cream evens things out! I want to be truthful to my experience so that's why I am putting such a scary picture up of myself. I hope someone can benefit from this wink.png

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My time with Differin...

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Hey i know exactly what you mean with paleness= lingering red spots. I have the same problem. I don't have a ton of pimples, but i get dry/red/flaky spots as well as random redness. I always look forward to summer because i can blame the red spots on sunburn :D hehe.

I commend your braveness! Good job! I've been using Differin for around a year and it worked at first but I don't think its really doing anything for my face anymore. Good luck to you though! Everyone's skin is different so maybe it will work for you! :D

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Thanks very much Jessica! Ya, I am hoping Differin can help me with the scarring cause now that I have the acne under control, it just doesn't seem fair to have to be dealing with a whole new problem. Anyways, thanks for the really considerate comment. I do have to admit everytime I see this picture I think about taking it down, but honestly I know that it's just one more step I can take to start having a better self-esteem and not care what anyone thinks of me. Thanks again and I hope you find something that works well for you :D

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You are beautiful! Your skin tone and your hair go perfectly together. :D I wish you all the best with Differin, I really hope it works!

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