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Nov 2009 - Jan 2010 comparison picture + regimen

My regimen is cheap + easy

AM: Wash w/ warm water only ( assuming you don't have makeup on or anything)

Apply toner

Apply your moisturizer ( I'm currently in love w/ the Acne free green tea moisturizer)

PM: Wash w/ PanOxyl 5% BP face bar

Apply toner

Apply a thin layer of a good quality EV olive oil

I finally realized a while back that I have no real reason to ever wash my face twice per day (esp in the winter months) unless it's covered in oil, I want it to dry out or I rolled in mud...not likely

I also found out that at this point in my life in no way can my skin look decent w/o BP in my regimen...as much as I love TTO.. it doesn't cut it on it's own

The face toner I use is the results of trying different things until I ended up w/ this..

I can't give exact amounts to add..since I never measure anything..

Take a clean empty bottle of some kind that you can easily dispense it's contents onto a cotton ball from...I just use a water bottle

Fill the bottle up a little under half way w/ purified water, pour the water into a cup/bowl, toss in 4 green tea bags and nuke till right before they hit the boiling point. Add back to bottle and then add Around 1/2 - 1 cup of apple cider vinegar depending on how sensitive your skin is ( you might need to mess around w/ it a bit or even add more water), 12 non-coated aspirins, 2TBS witch hazel and 6-8 drops of tea tree oil.

Shake before using each time + that's about it. I do not refrigerate my toner + it lasts for months.

I will measure out everything to exact proportions when I make it again.

Now someone just please tell me how to get rid of that horrid indented scar on my right cheek + Ill be set

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My Own Regimen

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