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May 2004

Okay, I promised a while ago I would post another picture, so here it is.

This was taken in early May, before I started retin-a and the regimen.

Presently I only have a few pimples, but many red spots, which are fading thanks to the retin-a. Soonish I will post another pic of me that is actually recent. . .

    From the album:

    NeuroTrumpet's Pics

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    Photo Information for May 2004

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    Thanks, Missionary

    Although, to be honest, the flash--in addition to making my skin look pale and oily--sort of bleached out my pimples. I probably currently look as clearish as I look there. Next time I'll take a pic outside in the sunlight so I won't have to use a flash!

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    Wow dude you look great! I really expected your acne to be worse from talking to you but I guess it always seems worse to the one whose face it is.

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    Hehe, Thanks Guardedly! That makes me feel all warm and tingley. . . :P

    24withacne (JR79)- You'll have to take my word that it is much worse-looking in person. Even I was shocked to see how clear I -looked- in the photo, which is probably why I had enough guts to post it!

    Incidentally, my acne was the worst in the winter of 2003/2004. My next post will be a side-by-side comparison of my face now and then. Get ready for a big shock. I had severe acne in the winter because I have seasonal depression, which in so many ways lead to a worsening of my skin. That, plus the cold weather, was a lethal combination for my skin and I looked. . .terrible. My God wait 'til you see it. . .

    I'll probably do that sometime this weekend. . .

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    Gawd man, what the hell? Absolutely nothing there. You have perfect skin. Congrats. :mrgreen:


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    Hey Neuro..u have a good skin ,also look muscular as well as the governor of California (-arnold s...ker, :P i couldnt spell his name correctly! ) red marks will fade off soon man !

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    I'm hot? Look who's talking! :drool: If I were about 10 years younger I would find you :P:drool:

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    yeah i have to agree with most ppl on here and say: you are one good looking fella! Just a few questions:

    how old are you?

    where are you from?



    all this is obviously optional but from the pic and comment you seem like a nice guy to talk to :drool: lol...anyways please reply.

    Svetlana :drool:

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    I'm 20

    I live in Rockville, MD but attend college in Pittsburgh, PA

    No girlfiend



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    you said you had severe cystic acne? This looks like MILD acne? Are you on Accutane? Looks great! :(

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