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Received my BP today! YAY!

Okay, so you probably cant tell from the pictures, but my face actually is looking a little better. The bumps are starting to go down. I have been using Persa Gel (10% BP) all over my face (at night), proactiv in the morning, and as a result my skin is SUPER dry (and I did get one new breakout, but one is better than 5). Now that I have my acne.org BP I will be using that and not the Persa Gel. It has been doing wonders, but my face is horribly flaky, which is almost as bad as the acne (not really though...). So now here is my updated routine; cetaphil face wash, acne.org BP, and then store brand moisturizer w/ AHA. I think I will only use the AHA moisturizer at night and use my neutrogena SPF moisturizer in the mornings. I am thinking about adding jojoba oil in the near future.

I will be adding updated pictures within the next two weeks, or when I see progress. I will cross my fingers. :rolleyes:

    From the album:

    Acne.org progress.....hopefully

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