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close up

not too bad, but it still makes me feel like shit. any comments would be appreciated

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    my face

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      I totally agree with Alpha Bits! Your acne is so mild. Have you tried spot treatment with BP or some kind of topical? I think that would work for you. By the way, I love your hair!! :P

      Good luck hun.

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      Got Brady Bunch?


      But yeah your acne looks mild, take care of it with some topical treatments you should be good.

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      Guest Guest


      thanks guys, i tried some sa cleanser stuff before but it didn't really do much for me. I'll look into this bp stuff.

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      I can't stand SA, never use it again, and yes that's a great idea, try a gentle cleanser, 2.5% BP and a oil-free non-comedogenic hypoallergenic moisturizer.

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      That's so mild I'm not even sure you need to use BP. Maybe just a cleanser.

      Rest assured that you're the only person in your life who notices it.

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      Thanks Revolution and Avian, I really am grateful for the help, I'm gonna go down to the drugstore and see if i can get some bp.



      edit- so when i get this stuff should i just follow the same routine that the guy does on the main page?

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      I would just spot treat... it seems like you get your acne in only certain spots plus your acne really isn't that serious. :P

      I wouldn't follow Dan's regimen if I were you (or me... I'm clear except for comedones with my own regimen!!) since it could damage your skin (BP is kinda drying).... s0o0 just spot treat. That would be my suggestment.

      Good lluuck sweetie!

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      ur lucky man...ur acne is very mild. dont make it worse by picking/scratching it. and dont make it worse by using a crapload of stuff on ur face. later

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