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Day 4 BP with a bit of make-up.

sad.png Just bronzing powder and mascara. Messeh hair, as you can see. Just got up. :lol2:
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Your eyes are so pretty! :drool:

I only have brown eyes as you can see in my avatar... :P

Anyways, I'd brush the bronzing powder on your chest and shoulders too a little bit. The color difference looks kind of unnatural so putting some bronzing powder on your body would make it look more natural. :drool:

Well, good luck with the regimen. BP's too harsh for me... well, to put all over my face that is!

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wait you use ONLY bronzer? :P

I like your hair. Mine sucks and damaged and I think I better get a really short haircut...:drool:

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I did use it on my neck/shoulders, etc. It's just showed up more on my face because the BP made my face red, the rest of my body/my face usually, are pretty pale. :lol2:

I couldn't get it to match that well.

Yeah, I only used bronzing powder. I haven't used foundation for about 10 days, and when I tried to put it on yesterday, it was like using orange face paint. The color didn't suit me AT ALL, so I couldn't use it. :drool: I think the BP underneath made blending it hard, so the color came out very strong. Anyway. Bronzing powder works okay, I guess. :P It'll have to do.

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Did you put the bronzing powder ALL over your face? It looks like your wearing foundation, because of the way it appears to be sitting on your face, esp. in the picture with your hair pulled off your forehead.

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Wateva you do girl, keep those fringes off yer face, at least for now! Peeps like you and me with high forehead will do well to cover up (I for one have trouble growing out those fringes now anyways - old age!!!), but while battling acne I guess we should really keep stuff off our face as much as possible, and that includes hair! :(

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