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Third day of BP.

I wanted to see if sunlight makes my skin look nicer, or better still, if it would blind me. No luck on either, I'm afraid.

I'm considering a mask, what do you people think?

Also, what kind of mask should I ware? sad.png

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    I can never have my nose pierced because of how my acne looks in that place. :P

    Hey your acne is scattered, but at least they're mild. :drool: Not big nor swollen. Hope you get clear.

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    I agree with ^her... your acne is pretty mild but it's just scattered everywhere.

    Annnyways, good luck and I hope you get clear!! :P

    P.S. I would so love to get my nose pierced but I don't want to try any MORE attention to my comedone & blackhead -ridden nose! I love yours though.

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    It's definitely not time for a mask or really anything else. Wait until your skin is completely clear from the regimen before adding anything in or taking anything away. After you're clear you can add in 1 variable at a time.

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    ^ I totally agree, I'm actually against masks, especially ones with Sulfur in them.

    Tysha: I can see improvement, it's important to stick it out and stay with the Regimen! I like your nose ring btw :P

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    hey sweety. hang in there hun. u'll be clear in no time. as for a mask, i suggest u use a natural one. here is one i use at the moment. get 1 tablespoon of indian chickpea flour, half tabelspoon of honey and natural yoghurt and add few drops of lemon juice. mix it all together and leave on for ten mins. rinse with warm water. do it twice a week after u have cleansed. morning or night. give it at least 2-3 weeks before u see an improvement. dont worry, it wont make it worse. let me know how u get on

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    I once used a mask and got almost clear with it. Then it stopped working. But I wouldn't add a mask during the Regimen. Your skin is too dry and sensitive anyways.

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    I was thinkin' more along the lines of a balaclava. :drool:

    Thankies, people.

    Nose piercings hurt like Hell. She did it with a gun, made a mistake, so had to do it over. :eusa_sick: It you want one, at least go to a better place than I did. :P

    It hurt more than navel/ear lobes/cartilage, put together. Ouchies, I sware. :drool:

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