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63 Days Post-Subcision Photo - Left Cheek

My doctor performed subcision on my face a second time on May 8, 2009.

He needled a large boxcar scar that appeared to be a HUGE hole in my face. The procedure created a large welt, but, which reduced the size of the scar by at least 40-60%.

He missed a couple of large boxcar scars that I am going to watch to ensure that he gets next week when I go in for Round Three. I'll be asking for dermal filler to help completely fill in the scarred areas.

If you look at my baseline photo of my left cheek taken in February of 2009, you'll see that I have had some fairly dramatic improvement with subcision.

Thank you, God, and my doctor, Dr. DeSpain!


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    Post Subcision Photos 63 Days after Procedure Number II

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