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5. Origins skin care *plantidote line* latest

5. Origins skin care *plantidote line* latest

I still don't use Bp or salicylic but I now use an actual regime from a company now. Its origins plantidote line, it has evened out my skin tone, given me a glow, my acne scars are pretty much non-existent etc.

Its not cheap but I love it and I have no problem dropping a little for something my skin likes.

I don't use the serum on my nose but once a day though and I use their...clay mask I think once a week because my skin gets small black heads from how emollient the serum is.

I started taking flaxseed oil but I began to break out kind of badly in small pimples, my forehead took the brunt of it. I cleared up about two days after stopping, i'll try again to see if I break out in about a month and if I do i'll just use the grounded flaxseed or whole flaxseeds again. Something they added to the oil may just not agree with me.

I use the plantidote cleanser, treatment lotion *code word for toner basically* and serum. That's it.


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It was the product, it came from origins and this line is from Dr. Weil that uses an integrative approach to healing skin. No acne products medication is used, its consists of a lot of oils. Unfortunately the serum has changed and I find that the advanced serum does not work for me. :-) I may try again when I am no longer in Japan since it worked well in SC but currently it doesn't work anymore. :-(

My diet consists of green tea, supplements, organic teas and a large consumption of water so help keep my breakouts at bay. (been slipping with water so I have noticed an increase) Hope this helps some! :-) BTW I have omitted dairy as in ice cream, a certain yogurts because in excess I find a get breakouts on my jaw. NO soda, high fructose corn syrup products in my juice, cereal etc and I try to incorporate more fish in my diet. Ex. Salmon and tuna. (I need to write this in my about me haha) Thank for visiting! :-)

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