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May 21, 2009 - month two!

thinking about adding jojoba oil... the big red patch is an attempt to drain a blackhead. gross.

i see an improvement when i smoke a lot of pot eusa_pray.gif

also, i tried new cetaphil moisturiser (spf 50) .... I don't recommend it. my face was breaking out in hives.

i took this picture about two minutes ago. yesterday i paid for a microdermabrasion and i've only cleansed and applied aloe vera.

honestly guys.

i take a lot of supplements, but the best thing for your skin is learning how to control your frustration and stress. paint pictures. vent about acne in a journal or on acne.org.

feeling so angry about how your own skin isn't perfect like your friends or wealthier people brings all your effort down. we're not gross people because our acne won't go away. figure out what your body likes. a lot of people have are just allergic to some foods. everybody shouldn't eat too much sugar or calorie dense foods. i believe the western diet is making issues with acne and inflammation. we have the most diabetes! smile.png

for two weeks i decided i hate acne and what it did - keeping me inside and crying. and so i went outside and appreciated trees and smoked a dooby for awhile. a whole beautiful week of appreciation and acceptance helped me not focus on my acne, which in turn made it better.

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    are u serious about smoking pot helps ur acne??? i used to smoke ALOT back in highschool and i think it just made it WAY worse.

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    Looks a lot better, good luck and thanks for your words of wisdom i feel like my acne keeps me inside too :D

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