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Day 86 W/makeup

Here I am on day 86 w/makeup on obviously, things are definitely alot better but still suck. I tried taking pics in natural light so you could really see the enlarged pores, scaring, and red marks ::sigh:: gross, I hate looking at myself and can't wait for this allllll to be over with.

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    My journey to find clear skin

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    Hey don't worry about it. I was on accutane for 8 looooong months (not really sure why...) but the time seemed to fly by and now it's all over. Everyone reacts differently from accutane. I didn't start seeing any drastic results until 6 months in, while my cousin had perfect skin after just two months. Just hang in there :D

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    Thank you so much, for finding the bravery to post your struggle, I am 15 and am dealing with cystic acne for about a year and a half, I recently saw a dermatologist and am in the process of starting my accutane, though right now i am on a medicine called minocyxline. Your post made me cry becuase it is so much like me, I will not go anywhere w/o makeup and even when I wear it, I can not look people in the face, or act truly like myself, I have major confidince issues, and I know they could be solved if my acne was gone, You are truly an inspiration to me, I wish I didn't have to say how awful my freshman year was because I always felt the stares, and everyone laughing at me for this, I wish people could understand how painful acne is both physcically and mentally, Thank you so so much.

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    Yeah, I was still breaking out hardcore into month 6 and they were about ready to either stop treatment or double it up...but they decided just to keep me on it and low and behold..... one day (not kidding, you can tell the day it works) I just didn't have any active acne anymore. scarring a bit but it fades real fast. and your clear for a LONG time. Ive been off since February and have only had 1 mild outbreak and one cyst reoccurred. Which for me was a GODSEND considering I was at the dermatologist getting at least 2-3 cysts injected with steroids every week. I get compliments on my skin all the time, and help people who I see with troubled skin and dried skin from accutane all the time. it will work!! I promise!

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