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my huge cyst i've had since oct GRR i HATE YOU CYST!

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me, my acne and accutune

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I used to have cystic acne. If I got a cyst, my dermatologist would just inject it with cortisone and it would be gone by the next day. Did you get yours injected?

I was on Accutane too. It helped a lot with the cystic acne, but every time I discontinued it (I was on Accutane twice), after about 6 months my comedones (tiny bumps) would come back. What seems to work for the tiny bumps is eating a low-glycemic diet, taking Glucophage and GTF chromium (these increase insulin sensitivity), and also exercising (also increases insulin sensitivity). The purpose of all of these things is to reduce my insulin levels, since high insulin levels slow apoptosis (natural cell death) of the epidermal cells, which basically results in slowed-down exfoliation. When natural exfoliation is too slow, comedones develop.

I find that mechanical exfoliation makes my skin worse because it's too irritating. But chemical exfoliation does seem to help. For this reason, in addition to keeping my insulin levels under control, I use Differin cream before bed; Differin is basically the topical version of Accutane. Differin and Accutane are retinoids; retinoids speed up exfoliation.

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