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Post-Subcision/TCA Cross (Chemical Reconstruction Scarred Sk

mr. matt

This photo was taken on April 13, 2009 29 days following my subcision and TCA Cross Method treatments.

The scars on this cheek did not respond as well as the scars on my left cheek to treatment. If you review the baseline photo, you will see that it is a compound circular scar comprised of many scars in a concentrated area with jagged edges.

The "After" photo shows a much more flattened scar.

I would like to point out that I have had these deep rolling scars on my right cheek for nearly 30 years.

I did not know that there was an effective treatment for rolling scars until I discovered this website and I am so glad that I sought out professional medical treatment! I had done numerous chemical peels, cryotheraphy, and three sessions of Smooth Beam laser without any major impact on my facial scarring.

If you look at the before and after photos of my entire face, I think that it proves that there is HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS.

I hope that these photos will encourage and inspire you as I was encouraged and inspired by the photos of others who had received this type of treatment and posted them on the web.

Best wishes and prayers for healing to you.

Mr. Matt


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Pre and Post-Subcision/TCA Cross Method Photos

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