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Pre-Subcision/TCA Cross (Chemical Reconstruction Scarred Ski

mr. matt

This photo was taken on February 18, 2009 and shows the depth and extent of scarring on my right cheek.

There are two main scarred areas visible on this cheek. Towards the top center of my right cheek is a compound scar comprised of several cysts that had formed in the same area over the course of about two years. The end result was a very deep crater-like scar that cast a very dark shadow.

Beneath this scar, was an equally deep scar that was almost horizontal.

The combination of these two deeply scarred areas cast a dark shadow on this cheek and amplified the look of these scars.

These scars did not respond as well as the scars on my left cheek. However, there has been a flattening of these scars as a result of the subcision.

I just received and LED unit on Saturday, April 18th and plan on using this five minutes a day on my skin to see if it will promoted continued collagen remodeling.

I have two more rounds of subcision scheduled: May 8 and July 17, 2009 followed by a Pearl Fractional Laser treatment in December of this year.


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