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What kind of scars are these?


Last year, my doctor prescribed a regimen of Duac gel and Tetralysal antibiotics against my acne and it has worked wonders My acne has cleared but I am left with scars. I have depressed scars on my cheeks but to be honest - that's ok with me. Mostly, because they are so faint anyway and they are gradually becoming less visible. I am very happy with the outcome of the regimen. I never thought it would be possible considering the severity of my acne.

I have, however, found another type of scar on my chin. I am near-sighted so I didn't notice them until the end of November of last year. They look like raised bumps and are skin-coloured. They do not itch and they haven't grown. My chin would sometimes suffer from breakouts (and it did happen a few times during the acne treatment), so these bumps could be scars from those breakouts. But I suspect that I got these scars from "over-treating" my chin with facial products sometime in October. I let go of the over-treating strategy early on when I noticed that my skin on the chin become very sensitive.

Anyway, these bumps are raised and skin-coloured. They are not active (IOW, they are not sensitive, filled with pus or anything along those lines). Just regular bumps. Plus, almost all of the bumps have started to flatten this month although they are still raised.

Although they are small, I have become a bit self-conscious about them. Especially since I googled for pictures on "hypertrophic scars" and found lots of pictures of "keloids". Hypertrophic scars and keloids are not the same thing, but I think we have all been in a phase where we become very self-conscious and worry too much. So now I am worried. I think my worry also stems from the fact that the acne treatment was so successful that I am almost waiting for a mishap to occur.

I think they are hypertrophic scars, although I started reading about sebaceous hyperplasia. They couldn't be keloids (please don't let them be keloids!!), because they don't look like the keloids that I found on google. They also don't fit the pathophysiology of keloids.

So my questions are:

Does anyone else have these bumps and what are they?

Sincerely, T

PS. I have uploaded a picture of my chin to this post, but my bumps aren't as visible in real life as they are on the photo. I had to make a funny face just so that they would show. But pictures always help with these sort of posts so I attached it anyway. DS.

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my scars

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