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Right Side

Right Side

Oki..so it's been a little bit since I have updated...But i've been doing the regime for about 7 weeks now...and i clear of break outs!! It's about to be 8 weeks..my skin looks better than these photos now....but i'll get a microscopic white head every now in then...I wouldn't be able to see them if it wasn't for my magnified mirror... I have a set Regime that I have tweaked for my skin and I have stuck to it.. After reading many blogs and posts...and experimenting..and a little bit of crying..lol i'm very happy...


1) Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar

2) Olive Oil on cotton ball and put a little on my face for dark spots (has worked WONDERS)

3) One finger of BP

4) Neutrogena Visibly Even SPF 30 moisturizer


1) Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar

2) Apple Cider Vingar (For dark spots)

3) 2 Fingers of BP

4) AHA

I use the Olive oil in the morning because It prevents from ALL and ANY possibly flaking..its amazing..and is great for my skin..my skin is also super oily...but it doesn't make me greasy or oily AT ALL..trust me...i have some OILY skin too

I use the Apple Cider Vinegar during the night time because it doesn't prevent from flaking but is REALLY good when it comes to brown spots.. I use 2 fingers at night also because it repairs more and i dont have to worry about flaking at night...day time i only use too so it's not as harsh on my skin..

I found when i used the full 2 fingers...that it might have gotten worse..so i make sure i give my skin a little bit of a break...

I also want to share an amazing experience I had with God.. I've always believed and loved God but never prayed about my skin..because I thought i would be shallow...but one night i was just so depressed and worried about it...I was depressing my family around me because i was in a bad mood over SKIN..how silly...but n e wayz.. I prayed to the lord... I woke up in the morning...and It was like I saw an 80% improvement...20% to perfect skin!..it was crazy! Brown spots had lightened SOOOOO much and i had noooo pimples...

If you haven't accepted God..maybe acne is something he has given to some people for them to allow him into their hearts and let them know he can take care of anything...just believe in him..he'll show u miracles...


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