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haha, yeah. Well I did go on Tane a while back. I have very mild acne now, as you can see. THis is about the only good pic I have, well, at least one that you can tell what I look like :P

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:drool: hello hottie! :P lol, hah... love the pic in your sig! i board too.

good luck with your skin and everything! :drool:

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J you frickin stud.


Anyways, Sin City rocked.

The images were amazing.

The cast was packed full of stars.

It was awesome!

Well.... I enjoyed it anyways.

Okay, back to the topic at hand.

Ladies, ladies... I am J's agent.

All questions (and money :drool:) go directly to me.



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man, honestly : you are one of the most attractive guys I've seen in the boards.

I hope you realize that your hot, and have the confidence to get with girls and not be afraid to smile.

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Dude if I wasn't super anti-gay I would be all over you...If I was a woman, wait I would be playing with my boobs all day....

Looks like good skin to me anyways.

O yeah, you forgot to comb your hair and stuff. :P

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Wow 2 guys said he's hot, lol. So it must be true. It that case I'd like to say Polar is really hot even though I like men.

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haha, Holy crap.

I didn't know people looked at galleries this much here!!

Thanks V for the heads up. I WANT to see that damn movie...haha, guess who I'm going with? My buddies GF. Yeah, crazy huh? Hmm..I hope she's not falling for me :P

haha, well thank you all very much for the comments, uh, even the guys I guess?

haha, no Zero, it's all good. I just haven't noticed the amount of comments. I guess I'll have to come back more often?

Just a comment though guys...I did go on tane, so that's why I don't really get acne too much anymore, in case you were all wondering why I have a lack of acne on an acne website....

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You're going with your buddies GF?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad J!

*slaps hand*

I hope you have fun anyways dearie.

And J is a good guy.

He doesn't post pics up just for attention.

He really did have acne at one time.

Anyways, this is getting confusing.

I've pm'ed you from different places and posting here...... me so confused.

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Thanks ally! :P

Sorry, this has like ruined your comments now Jason :drool:

Whoa look at all these girls that want you! :drool:

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Haha, no Zero, I don't.

And V, I can't help it if she falls for me not that I'm trying but that would be cool if you know what I mean but like I said I'm not trying? :drool:

Haha, and Nat...no worries. :P

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omg jase ur gallery is like its own little board :lol2:

yeah u know all the girls are after you :P i wont add my plea

but yeah if ur ever over this way give me a shout u can teach me to snowboard :drool:

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I would love to teach you how to snowboard Kat :P

Maybe someday i'll be lucky enough to go to europe...I do have cousins who live over there..around...pontypool? I think that was what it was called. Man I want to go so bad too

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