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my acne scars

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Got the same thing just like yours dude.

I was gonna go with needling, but I have a change of heart- gonna try the 50% TCA cross instead.

I'll try to post a picture sometime.

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i had dermabrasion and tca so i think thats why i dont have anymore red marks i had the scars for 7 years now. Darmabrasion is great for red marks!!!

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Keep tryin man at least your over the acne stage all you got to worry about is those scars... but Whats good? this is ya boy "LEXUS" or just "LEX" and i have gotten really bad acne from the last 3 months and i heard about accutane and how it really works but thers side effects so...............who really knows about that? and what do you think i should do? is accutane going to really get rid of this genetic severe acne or not? am i taking a risk? i have alot of questions please people get back to me so i can end this horror ........i used to be known as the pretty rican boy but now i feel ashamed to even look in the mirror its sad......dam im out! [email protected]

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Guest Guest


How did you get those scars? I mean, I know from acne of course

but did you allow your pimples to go away naturally or were you

applying all sorts of creams and similar stuff? I have a few scars

in the same place and I am not sure whether I got them from

applying to much BP at the time my acne was large and inflamed

or whether these scars would have formed anyhow due to the nature of

the acne no matter what. Please let me know what you think. This has

been killing me, I need some kind of answer. Can applying to much

bp cause scarring or does scarring occur based upon the severity of

the acne no matter what? By the way, I feel for you brother, I know

the disruptions this shit causes. It can ruin your life. It's no joke at all.

Remember one thing however, it is not your fault. your only responsible

for things that you have the power over, and most of the time

people can't control acne like they can't control the weather.

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Guest Guest


If you drink it damages your liver and your ability to heal.

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