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well, they look a lot different from different angles and under different lighting obviously. one of my major reasons is that these areas of scarring are so much redder than the rest of my face. i feel like they would look a lot better if i could just make the scars the same color as the rest of my face.

i have kind of darker skin, so im not sure that it is possible. I take mens vitamins and vitamin e, eat a healthy diet of mainly fruit and vegetables and exercise a lot.

I just started trying mederma 3 weeks ago and havent seen any positive results yet from that.

i think i may go to a dermatologist in the next few weeks though to see if they have any suggestions

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Keep us updatd on what the dermatologist says. I doubt Mederma will do anything. Your scarring is not bad. I have done fractional and might do another.

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tanks, i have two appointments with 2 different dermatologists next week so i'll see what they say. yeah, i've been using mederma as directed for a little over three weeks and it hasnt really done anything. it MAY have reduced some of the redness, but it is so slight that i cant even be sure of that.

yeah, fractional kind of scares me though. my ultimate fear is spending a lot of money to improve the scars and in the end having the doctor/procedure actually make them worse

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well, i went to my first appt today and of course it kind of sucked. it only costs me 15 bucks though to see the doc bc of my insurance which was fine.

Overall, this derm was not very helpful and honestly didnt seem like he could/wanted to do much for me. anyway, he basically recommended a fractional laser, the non-ablative one? i forget the name now.

he said the cost was around 2500 or more and that i would not see significant improvement after the first treatment and that i may have to go back . and even then, he wasnt convinced that i would see much improvement.

i couldnt tell why he didnt really recommend the ablative fractional? he said there were stronger ones but they sometimes leave permanent redness and it take much longer to recover. he may not have had this on at his office so maybe that is why he said the weaker one would be better for me, who knows?

anyway, i have another appt with someone else on thursday and i am trying to schedule a 3rd one for some time next week. i am hoping that these have more promise, we will see.

thanks guys

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Let me know if you do fractional. I had it done last summer and saw minimal improvement. In fact, for the first few months it seemed that they were more noticeable. Just now I feel like my skin is somewhat back to normal so I am not sure about another round. I did Mixto fractional. I have an appt with the place on Tuesday.

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