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TotalFX Before and After

These pictures were taken in my doctor's office before and about 5 1/2 months after TotalFX CO2 laser treatment. Click to enlarge.

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Thank you! : )

I was going to do it again in April, but then plans changed and I couldn't get the time. I might get it done in May. We'll see!

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I think it looks wonderful!!! I just started using retin a micro. This is my second week. we'll see what happens. Is it ok if I ask about how much this treatment cost you?

Thanks! Again looks fab!

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Thank you!

I hope the Retin A works for you! I recently started using an OTC retinol cream as well, but my skin got very red from it so I'm waiting for my color to go back to normal before I continue treatment with it. But I did love what it was doing for my skin before it made me red.

Cost was $2,000 USD...

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I think the retin a is working, slowly, but working. The doctor told me it would take like 6 months to see any results. I am using the 0.04% concentration. The first week I used it 4 nights in a row but my face got really dry and was peeling off as well. After that I started using it 3 nights a week and it seems to be working. It gets red and dry at the beginning because the skin is getting used to the retin a. Scars seem to be fading away, nothing dramatic, but at least I see and even tone on my skin now. I've been using it for 3 weeks already. Thanks for telling me about the cost. I'll have to start saving!

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I'm going to start using it again tonight. I kind of hope to have my skin tolerating it well before I do the next treatment (And if it works well I might not even have to go in for another zap).

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What a shame what a pretty girl, its good it looks like you are on the way to fix those scars :D i'm sure you'll be perfect before you know it!

Looking ten times better from over here.

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Thank you, onceperfect! I still have hope, and I am really grateful to everyone for leaving their comments and encouragement. It is helping me find the courage to go through with these treatments.

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Hi, I'm planning to het Fractional CO2 laser. Eventhough I love your results the 7 days after procedure pics kinda scare me. Did they give you a local anestetic? I'm planning just to do the cheeks. Thanks :D

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Did they give you a local anestetic?

The anesthetic was topical.

How long was the downtime?


I must say that it worked very well with you... sad.png

Thanks. My downtime was about 10 days. More than one week, but less than two weeks. After that, I went out. Everyone just thought I had a sunburn. The redness lasted for a good 2-3 months after treatment.

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