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mine.mine.mine lol...

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Hi. :P1112.gif

Could you do a 'before/after' (with no make-up) photo if your regimen of yours is successful? It would elevate acne sufferers to see that there's hope.

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How the heck can both of these people be you?! One has huge boobs and the other has none! And by the way, I had that Super Girl shirt 5 years ago when Charlie's Angels came out and I wanted to copy Cameron Diaz.

This is that picture of you from your post:


Was that just from a long time ago or is this you now and that was before? I'm so confused! :P But whoever that is has very nice boobs! I'm jealous!

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May be she hit puberty recently and that side grows.. puberty can be really really scary!

Anyway your skin is really good.. I'm not sure you even have acne in the first place!

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Oh no...you're acne is terrible! You should go and see a derm before its too late!!

'Sarcasm is the highest form of wit' - Pontings

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hehe I agree wtih zerofantasy. The girl in the pic look hott and has really nice breasts no doubt but why the hell does people put up a pic that shows no acne what so ever on an acne forum. You don't even have any before pic with acne. If it was like an improvement pic i would have cheered you on but sorry girl I also think you came to show off your boobs in the wrong forum.

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EDITED BY ... me

can you post a picture of you with acne? and can you explain us why you showed a completely different girl in another post?

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Ah, your face is pretty clear.

You might want to try some cortizone for those HUGE heads growing on your chest.

Oh wait :P



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can i show you whats up girl...

ps i think i know u u sent me a pic of u before.. i think ur from santa barbra

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Guest Guest


hottest chick here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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