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Finally clear for the past few months

This site has in a sense saved my life. I took this pic today as for the first time in years I'm 100% clear and I can't even put in words how good it feels. I know its just a crappy webcam pic, but before if I took this pic my forehead would have about 4 extremly painful cysts, and my chin would be covered in white heads.

Thanks Dan for making this site.

As for my regime

I use cetaphil soap

Some sorta SA that I put on with a cotton ball, made by Johnson & Johnson

Persal Gel 5 from Johnson & Johnson

4x 3:6:9 EFA liquid cap/day

Cetaphil moisturizer if my skin feels dry, which isnt too often lately.

I'll see if I can find some before pics, but I usually deleted/edited them.

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    :P Congratulations!!! You look awesome!! and Your skin looks really smooth too on top of being clear!! I am almost there myself and as dramatic as it may sound this site totally saved my life (and wallet) as well!! Here's to staying clear!! :drool:

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    I agree with you. This site has saved my life too.. I must started using the regimen that Dan has posted and I've already seen MAJOR results.

    Hey I'm using the Persal Gel from Johnson and Johnson too! I use the Cetaphil cream though not the wash. I had to go with the BP wash to clear this stuff up

    The only thing that I'm doing against the regimen is I'm using a sponge only because my acne is on my back and i can't properly wash it right cause I can't reach. It's worked though!!!!!!!

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    gorgeous skin..it's glowing!!! and so smooth. :P:drool:

    i would never be able to tell you had acne. looks amazing!!!!

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    I can't explain why I didn't scar. I did everything wrong. I popped, scratched, dug, squeezed.. I guess I am lucky that way.

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    Guest Guest


    ey revolution.. thats exactly what i thought when i saw the pic.. hottt

    ps- im a girl

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    this picture just came up on random.. i thought to myself, "johnny depp!" i guess i'm not the only one. hehe.. very cute!

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