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How bad are my scars? 1-10 --- please be honest--- thanks!

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Scale of 1-10, how bad are my scars?

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I think that these scars are the scariest to have but I do not think that they look horrid. Im not sure how to rank them either. I have pitted scars like that also but I have red spots on top of it. I say that they are the scariest because at least with color you can hope for them to fade. The texture makes me feel like my skin does not look youthful anymore. But lets see, a straight answer as far as looks...its low...I would say a 3 or 4 tops. A friend of mine has scars like that all over his face, but now that he doesn't have discoloration it doesnt look bad at all. It is much less noticeable.

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I have scars like that. I cant see yours very clear, but I say they are a 7. Really not that bad atleast from this picture. Oh you may want to check out the microdroplet silicone injections. I have been looking into it and I am really hopeful. I have been telling everyone to check it out. It helps fill in the deep scars and builds collagen and is permanent. Good luck!

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Don't worry, doll. I think your skin looks pretty good--no discoloration or anything. My scarring is similar to what you have right now. Sure, I'm wicked self-conscious about it, but it's not too bad, especially when I've got makeup on.

How many fraxel treatments did you have? Are you thinking about any other treatments? I'm going to see someone as soon as my 6 month (post-accutane) waiting period is over.

Best wishes!

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On a scale of visibility, I'd say a 4. They are well localised, not discolored.

Plus, don't think that acne scars are always bad. Actually, in your case, locate on the cheeks, they are a bit like freckles so they would rather give you charm IMHO.

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Id say 3, not bad. I thought myself was a 10, but after awhile, it became a 3. I guess overtime it gets better. I beat myself and cried because it looked terrible. but my confidence went up and getting new friends is really awesome all over again.

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I dont like rating acne scars , or have I even rated any ... but I would like to say that your scars are not even that bad. They blend in with your skin , which is awesome !! It looks great actually ,not too noticeable. You should be grateful . =)

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They are mild. Maybe a 3 IMO. Also, are you indentations red or darker colored (like a purplish hue)? I ask because I have scarring like yours (mine is a bit more severe), and I feel that the newer, shallower ones with redmarks on top of them look deeper, in the sort of lighting you're using, than older, deeper ones that are normal skin color on top. This may be me trying to be optimistic. What do you think?

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Your scars and mine are like sisters , I swear !! You have a lot less than I have though. My best friend rated mine as a 5. I think yours are about a 3 or a 4 ?

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