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my left cheek/ jawline is comparatively less screwed up

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bp effects + my scars :(

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You are not ugly at all!! You are really pretty and your skin is almost clear!

The red marks will fade in time & your skin will be completely clear. You are lucky - you have no open pores or pitted scars at all!

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Hello. After I look at your pictures, I had a flashback of the pain and misery that i suffered for many years. Acne scarring is a painful experience that requires you to be very patient and diligent in seeking a solution. I just signed up for this site (The first site that I have ever registered to!) so that I can hopefully give somebody some insights. I'm pretty busy so i am going to cut and paste my comments with only some minor editing to a couple of people.

You are very fortunate that you do not have deep scarring ( e.g. icepick/indented scars). You should use RetinA micro for a little while to heal your skin and help it regenerate itself (new scars do become less noticeable over time). Then you can maybe look into Fraxel:Repair laser. My dermatologist @ the Dermatology Medical Group of North County (who is very knowledgeable and well-respected within the dermatology community in San Diego) said that she has done many cases and everyone of them has had a significant improvement--with no cases of hyperpigmentation. Hence, I am currently doing research on this (that's why I'm on this site)--I might do this procedure next January when I can pencil in the downtime. Also, my co-worker is doing it in the summer so I wanted to see her results first.

We live in a society where technology is constantly improving so worry not about there not being a solution to ur problem. Dermatology is a thriving multi-billion dollar industry where millions of dollars are continually being poured into research and development. There are countless remedies and procedures out there for you to choose from. If something does not work, there's always something else to try. And sometimes, you may get some improvement but not in the percentage that you desire, and in those instances, you just have to be patient. I just had my 2nd TCA peel 10 days ago and have seen some improvement--less noticeable pore size, more even skin tone, softer scars...so maybe you can take this mild route first if you want to take baby steps before going to the big guns--laser (more costly and longer downtime). A consultation with a dermatologist will help you decide which method is best for you (please pick a GOOD one because that makes a big difference--I did a lot of research and phone the office w/ questions first before I decided..also I'd make a list of questions before my visit..and when I feel that the derm is very nice but not knowledgeable, I move on...being a biochemist and businesswoman, I've discovered that in life, you have to sometimes be aggressive to reach your goal)

Before I begin laser, I am going to try 6 sessions of microdermabrasion first to see if it works. I am going to get it done at my derm's office bc the machine that is use makes 100% of a difference (when making an appointment remember to ask about the type of machine they will be using on u, how long they've had it, and the technician's experience). All in all, I think that my scar has improve significantly from using Retin A micro for a long period of time (you have to really be patient w/this med) and exfoliating, . The chemical peels has also help (note that you have to use >35% TCA concentration to see a significant improvement ). Do not get a phenol peel bc it is way too strong and can cause serious complications (e.g. more scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc.). I heard that dermabrasion is also effective but pretty invasive. I hope I was helpful. Good luck in your journey to having better skin. You will be successful and get there, just have faith and never give up hope. I never gave up on my goal of having beautiful skin and now I am very close to obtaining it--my skin has gotten A LOT better, and soon it will be gorgeous! Remember, you can only go up from here... =)

P.S. In case you are wondering, I am only 27 years old, so no, you do not have to wait until ur 40 to see results! =) By the way, you should use an alcohol-free toner maybe w/AHA bc it helps smooth out ur skin a lot. Mederma is not very effective so do not waste ur money. Light peels like AHA and Salicylic Acid do nothing for acne scars. Do not go to spas because they will give you empty promises and might make ur situation worse. Do not exfoliate with apricot scrub or anything that has large abrasive particles because that can damage your skin and make your scars worse (use very small gently particles like microbeads). After my co-worker gets her laser treatment in the summer, I'll post her result so that you can have some info on the Fraxel Repair's efficacy.

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